The practice of litigation has fundamentally changed.

More than ever, clients need to resolve cases in a timely and cost-effective manner. The challenge for a law firm is to continue to provide quality advice and a high level of service in a value-driven environment.

The Partners

Kathryn Watson, Partner

Barry Marta, Partner

Jonathan Hale, Partner

Sandi Smith, Partner

Marta Watson is born of the idea that you can build a more effective insurance litigation practice around the evolving needs of insurance companies. The key is to keep files moving – and to never lose sight of the big picture. That requires an ability to “see where the case is going.” Only then can you accurately assess files, develop a game plan and execute it efficiently and cost-effectively.

Diana Oliveira

Joseph Hogan

Andrew Cottreau

Taylor Cawley

William Lewer

Abigail Newcombe

This approach demands close collaboration between senior and junior lawyers. It also requires the use of new technology to simplify and streamline the process. Our approach forms the core of the Marta Watson promise – to deliver real value to our clients, while maintaining the professionalism and dedicated service that continue to be cornerstones of our practice.