Continuing to believe that you can litigate as if it were 1999 ignores today’s realities. There’s no denying the fact that the industry and its practices have fundamentally changed. You either fight that reality or embrace it.

We’ve embraced it by developing new processes to answer the new reality. After watching dramatic shifts in the interactions between insurers and law firms in recent years, we adapted our practice.

We know the only way to properly serve our clients’ interests in a value-driven environment was to develop a more streamlined and results-driven approach.

As a group of lawyers, we are tireless in our pursuit of more efficient methods and a more proactive way of managing files and producing results. We discovered that having senior and junior lawyers work together collaboratively, alongside an empowered support staff, achieves significant efficiencies. We’ve also learned to use technology to minimize time-consuming processes.

The result is Marta Watson. It’s not just a new litigation firm; it’s a new way of practising litigation. The Marta Watson way.