Michael Blinick

Michael handles all manner of claims with a primary focus in defending personal injury actions.

Which of your cases makes you proudest of the result?

While I typically focus on process rather than result (as I believe the result will flow from a strong procedural foundation), the results in the cases that have gone to trial make me very proud as they validate the process. While going to trial is rarely a client’s preferred outcome, achieving success at trial is extremely rewarding as it justifies the very hard work done by the entire team.

What do you think the most important factor is in resolving a file?

Resolution is often best achieved by truly understanding the underlying position of the other party. While much of the time it is money that matters most, expressing an understanding or empathy with an opposing party’s position can go a very long way in resolving a dispute.

What’s the most valuable lesson that your professional experience has taught you?

Be curious. Each person and situation is unique and there are often many layers to the issues that we deal with. That makes it important to be professionally curious to achieve a deeper understanding of the problems that we are asked to rectify.


Michael is a litigator. He brings an energetic yet reasoned approach to his litigation practice. While a primary aspect of his practice involves the defence of personal injury claims, Michael has varied experience and is routinely retained to represent companies with varied risks or who seek to recover for losses caused by others. He has represented clients at the Court of Appeal, Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Provincial Court, in private arbitration and at various administrative tribunals.

Michael graduated from Queens University in 2008 and was called to the Bar in 2009. Before this Michael graduated from the Kinesiology Program at McMaster University and worked in a physiotherapy clinic. Since then, he has been assisting risk managers, insurers and business owners and operators manage their litigation risk in a cost-effective manner. He is particularly interested in emerging industries and assisting companies identifying risks and developing protocols to minimize the future risk of litigation.

When not working, Michael enjoys being with his family or playing in team sports.

Education and Credentials

  • Called to the Ontario Bar, 2009
  • LL.B., Queen’s University, 2008
  • McMaster University, 2004

Michael Blinick

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